They seemed to not have gotten far

There is also a story in the Daily Mail saying "Plot to blow up Theresa May is foiled. Suicide bombers armed with knives planned to murder the Prime Minister in Downing Street, claims MI5"

Don't panic... The suspects did not get very far (not that we would have wanted for it to get very far).

According to the Daily Mail, this was the plan:

"The security services believe they have stopped an Islamist suicide bomb plot to assassinate the Prime Minister.

Two Muslim men are suspected of conspiring to attack Downing Street armed with an improvised bomb, suicide vest and knives.

Investigators suspect the pair wanted to detonate a bomb disguised as a bag. They would then attempt to kill Theresa May armed with a suicide vest, pepper spray and knife in the chaotic aftermath."

I am not sure that was the most well thought out plan but it makes for a good headline.

Not sure if it might have contributed to the sell off in the GBPUSD,