PM Johnson, via Reuters

  • The difficulty is around the customs union
  • EU and Dublin are not talking about the proposals we are going to present (remember that Coveney comment earlier)
  • We do think there is a good solution
  • UK Gov't has made a considerable offer
  • We are already offering a single territory fir Agriculture and agrifooods
  • What we want to do is get rid of the backstop, 'that's the most important thing'
  • We want changes to the political declaration.
  • No point of doing Brexit if you stay locked into the customs union, and the existing agreement did just that
  • Thinks we can do this with our European friends and with Dublin in a way that protects Good Friday deal
  • Inevitable that he is going to come under a certain amount of shot and shell.

GBPUSD at 1.2281 on these headlines and not running with them. Optimism is remaining low about a Brexit deal.