GBPUSD capped at 1.4219 and now 1.4189 12 April

Well, did you? One last hurrah before I'm out the door at the top of the hour and fitting it should be a rally-sell at a targeted area to make a few pips . I hope some of you joined me.

Earlier in my order board post I highlighted my respect for support around 1.4150 but said I was poised to sell rallies again around 1.4200. I noted in my earlier post the EURGBP sell interest through 0.8680 helping to push it up through 1.4200 into the rally-seller area at 1.4224 highs we saw yesterday.

EURGBP still looks a little soggy and that's helping GBPUSD to find dip demand so don't get greedy if you're just looking for some intra-day jobbing pips. Good support/demand between 0.8650-60 though.

Still seeing excellent two-way opportunities for those interested enough to get involved. As always entry/exit levels are crucial.

Re my leaving I have a post going up shortly with a bit more detail. Thanks for all your kind words.