Pres. Trump: We will probably be able to work it out on trade with EU

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: News

Pres. Trump speaking with reporters at NATO

  • we have a good relationship with France
  • we will talk about trade
  • we will probably be able to work it out on trade
  • we can easily get it worked out
  • we've had minor disputes but believe we will work it out
  • we intend to make a lot of progress with Macron
  • On NATO, says a lot of countries have stepped up at my behest
  • he discussed NATO flexibility with Macron
  • NATO is becoming bigger and stronger
  • those countries that don't deal with NATO obligations will be dealt with may be through trade
  • We dont want NATO members to be delinquent
  • Trump says on Macron, we will be able to work something out on trade
  • we have discussed French digital tax, and we may work it out
  • It may not come to that substantial tax but it might
  • We will either work it out or have a substantial tax
  • EU used to make 100-150B per year in deficits from United States so we need to do something fair
  • EU is very strong on barriers, meaning certain of our products can't come in
  • digital tax is the least of the problems
Meanwhile French Pres. Macron says:
  • Economic and trade issues with the US will undoubtedly find an outcome
  • Macron tells Trump to get serious in tense exchange on ISIS
  • digital companies whatever their nationality compete unfairly with real businesses
  • France's digital tax doesn't target United States specifically
  • we think we can resolve digital tax situation with United States
this news comes a head of the US stock open where futures still remain sharply lower

  • Dow futures implying -286 points
  • NASDAQ futures implying -100 points
  • S&P futures implying -28.5 points
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