From the Wall Street Journal, a report that foreign private-equity firms are back buying into the residential real-estate market in China

  • An Asia-focused real-estate fund run by Blackstone Group made an offer this week to acquire Chinese property developer Tysan Holdings Ltd.
  • In July, Texas-based private-equity firm Century Bridge Capital invested in a joint venture with a Hong Kong-listed property developer to build a residential project in Wuhan
  • A UBS asset-management unit, along with district government in Shanghai and an insurance company, are starting a public-housing investment fund to build more low-cost homes

This is seen as a sign that China central government is relaxing property-sector controls it tightened in 2010, which may contribute to a boost for growth in China

Foreign Private-Equity Firms Retry China Property (The Wall Street Journal is often gated, so if you’re unable to access the article try a search of Google news using the headline)