Russian president speaking from BRICs summit in China 5 Sept

  • draws parallel between NK and Iraq after US invasion
  • ramping up military hysteria is senseless and could create a global catastrophe
  • tighter sanctions will not change behaviour of NK leadership
  • tighter sanctions could cause humanitarian suffering
  • sanctions have been exhausted but we are ready to discuss some details
  • makes no sense to accuse Russia of violating NK sanctions and then asking Russia to support more sanctions

On the US he has this:

  • US actions over Russian consulates was boorish
  • Russia reserves the right to further reduce US diplomatic staff in Moscow but will not do that for now

Seems like Mr P firing a couple of broadsides to Mr T in all this.

Meanwhile USDJPY still trawling around between 109.20-40, GBPUSD 1.2915-40 EURUSD 1.1895-15

Putin and Trump - Seemingly an uneasy peace