Normally I'd expect the China trade balance data around 0200GMT

But, the timing has been quite variable the past few months

So, while the 'what time?' answer is, according to my headline to the post 'it depends', I've no idea what its dependent upon. It has seemed a bit random lately.

Anyway, I'll be expecting it around 0200GMT and unsurprised if it comes a bit later. We should get the 'yuan terms' first, followed 30 or so minutes later by the USD terms figures.

Yuan terms

China trade balance for April:

  • expected is CNY 197.2bn, prior was CNY 164.34bn

Exports y/y:

  • expected is 16.8%, prior was 22.3%

Imports y/y:

  • expected is 29.3%, prior was 26.3%

USD terms

China trade balance:

  • expected is $ 35.2bn, prior was $ 23.92bn


  • expected is 11.3%, prior was 16.4%


  • expected is 18.0%, prior was 20.3%


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