Chipotle will also release after the close

As a reminder Amazon, Google, Chipotle will all release after the close. Google reached a new all time high in trading today. Amazon is trading higher as well but off the highs of the day. The price is currently trading at $3384 up about $42 on the day. It's high price reached $3427.74.

Technically Amazon also broke above a topside trend line today. The pair has been trading in a wedge formation going back to September. The break higher today is more bullish technically, but there is that little thing called earnings and reaction to earnings.

Chipotle will also release after the close_

Q4 revenues are expected to come in $119.7 billion. The earnings-per-share are expected to come in at $7.23.

Guidance for the 1st quarter is expected to be at $9.07. Revenues are expected to guide at $95.7 billion

Fiscal year 2021 are expected to have earnings-per-share $45.65 on revenues of $450.8 billion.

Google is expected to have earnings of $15.90 with revenues at $53.13 billion.