Republican US Senators are negotiating to see if a compromise could be reached

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: News

What we know is Washington does not like infringement on Holidays

The Pres. can leave town. He stated what he will do and can sign something anywhere. The Senate needs to be present for a vote.

So negotiations are under way to see if a compromise government funding bill can be reached that could clear the Senate and get the Senators on their way.

Now... in reality if there is a shut down, the government tends to make good on the wages missed in arrears, but the "shutdown" just before Christmas is not pretty politically. Of course, fingers will be pointed at each side of the aisle.

Senator Corker is now saying:
  • Senate vote on whether to take up house bill could be left open while negotiations over compromise bill our ongoing.
We will see. Anything is possible but at some point, there will be a solution.  

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