Russia's UN envoy says not to underestimate its proposal (with China) on North Korea

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

Russia's UN envoy says "big mistake" to underestimate Russia, China proposal to kick-start North Korea talks, it remains on table, "we will insist it be considered" 

Reuters headline, more:
  • China's UN envoy urges North Korea to 'take seriously the expectations, will of international community' to halt its nuclear, missile development
  • China's UN envoy says relevant parties should resume negotiations 'sooner rather than later'
  • China's UN envoy says all parties should remain 'cool-headed and avoid any rhetoric or action that would aggravate tension'

My understanding is the Australian proposal is a French fry embargo on North Korea . Srsly, it's the only thing likely to work in curbing this chap.