Senior China Communist Party official Han Wenxiu says complete decoupling is unrealistic

The CCP is conducting a press conference following the end of the plenum meeting. Many of the comments are vague and feel-good (will increase household consumption, tech innovation is vital ...along those lines). As I posted earlier, there will be no specific details from the plenum until well into 2021 beyond what may be put into official state media.

However, I thought that headline comment was worth posting. Its fairly obvious, trade links between the two countries are deep and have not been totally disrupted.

A popular narrative is that China is awaiting a Biden victory 9if it comes) and hopefully a less hawkish US approach. As I have posted before I think they may be disappointed, I can't see winding back many of Trump's China moves are on Biden's agenda at all. Trump has done some hard yards on addressing issues with China such as IP and more. They won;lt be cast aside by a new US administration.

more to come