Canada heads to the polls .... sort of.

Given the state of the virus-ridden world the election will see an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots cast. This will delay the count.

  • Elections Canada expects 2-3 million requests for mail-in ballots, compared with 50K at the previous election (mail-in voting has been used in Canada since 1993)
  • September 14th is the cut-off for requesting a mail-in ballot so we should have an idea of the number of postal votes just after
  • mail-in ballots must be verified before counting ... this can take days

There may be the situation where a clear winner is visible in the votes cast on the day but do be aware that this may not be the case and the result could therefore take many days after September 20. While the election is not expected to have a huge impact on financial markets this added uncertainty could add to volatility.

Adam posted on the CAD election on Monday:

A train in Canada ... dunno what it has to do with the election but its a nice train.

Canada heads to the polls .... sort of.