China's Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng with remarks that offer some encouragement, but some wariness also.

  • Chinese economy is source of confidence for the international community
  • China will create a better business environment
  • says China does not put its interests above others
  • Says the world needs openness and not decoupling or a new cold war
  • China will continue to resolutely safeguard its national security and core interests
  • China will not allow other country's to undermine its security
  • China will continue to preserve the multilateral system
  • the more China develops, the safer the world will be
  • World's prosperity needs China
  • China and US should be partners for cooperation
  • says no country can prosper without working with other countries
  • world wants China and US to end the trade war
  • China and US have achieved some progress in trade talks and hopeful that an agreement will be reached
  • pressure on China doesn't work
  • China not looking to replace anyone
  • As long as we respect each other no problems that cannot be resolved by China and US

Meanwhile. AUD tumbling back to its earlier level. CAD showing a few pips weakness, as is NZD also. AUD the worst though:

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