Some geopolitical comments from China and France are hitting the news wires

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: News

Speaking on the Middle East risks

France's foreign minister is saying:
  • if tensions are not diffused today than there is a real risk of war in Middle East
  • there is still room for diplomacy on Iran crisis
  • Iran must refrain from reacting, start broader talks
  • says Soleimani was a key player in destabilizing the region
  • latest decision by Iranians enables them to enrich uranium without constraints
  • we can question the validity of nuclear deal in long-term
  • decision on triggering Iran nuclear deal dispute mechanism process will be made in coming days
meanwhile China is saying:
  • US unilateral use of force has violated international law and destabilizes the region
  • Urges US not to use a further force in Middle East, calls on all parties to exercise maximum restraint
Finally, the Trump administration has said that they would provide closed-door briefing on Iran to the full US Senate on Wednesday.  Secretary of State Pompeo, defense secretary Esper and CIA director Haspel, and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Milley will address the Senate.  

I guess the earlier tweet by Pres. Trump will be stepped up with some more formal communication. 

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