SPD leader Schulz across the wires 24 Nov

  • there will be no automatic progress toward coalition
  • SPD coalition with Merkel would need a member vote

Seems like Schulz going to be digging his heels in.

Reader Uwe Heilmann just posted this in the comments on my earlier post:

The talk about a step down by Schulz are nothing more than a rumour. Yesterday evening the SPD leader had a meeting and said that these rumours are completely false. I have even in German newspaper not found any hint.

Meanwhile EURUSD still underpinned and nudging higher again at 1.1870 still below session highs though. EURGBP steady at 0.8910 and that's lifting GBPUSD back up to 1.3327 from a test of 1.3300 after earlier 12.3331 highs