Joseph Stiglitz is in Japan for economic meetings with Abe and senior officials, speaking with reporters

Comments crossing the Bloomberg

  • Taxes to stimulate investment can stimulate an economy
  • Sales tax rise now would be on wrong direction
  • Inheritance tax can stimulate an economy
  • Carbon tax can stimulate an economy
  • Monetary policy has reached its limits
  • This is a time for stimulating fiscal policy
  • G-7 should focus on coordinated stimulus for demand
  • Sees lack of demand in global economy
  • Global coordination to reduce global imbalances
  • Main focus of Japan meeting was on global economy
  • Need better ways of recycling surpluses
  • Need global macro-economic coordination

Has anyone read his Tinder profile? Does it go something like:

  • likes long walks on the beach,
  • likes taxes,
  • likes global coordination


Joseph Stiglitz, - economist & a professor at Columbia University

Has a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics