European equities are pushing higher, alongside US futures

The DAX is now up by 0.8% as we also see US futures climb a little higher now to post gains of around 0.4% on the session. There isn't much headlines driving the move but for now, I'd say that the market is just stretching itself on the day.

Oil prices remain pressured, down by 18% around $10.50 but so far that isn't having any significant spillovers to risk sentiment in general.

As stocks creep a little higher, the dollar is on the back foot as we see EUR/USD climb to a high of 1.0840 while cable also rises to 1.2470 currently.

In turn, AUD/USD has erased its earlier losses to push to a high of 0.6490 while NZD/USD has also moved up from 0.6000 to 0.6030 levels right now.