Swiss pairs seem to be well in correlation with their Japanese cousins as they are going hand in hand on the charts.

As Pip pointed out in the comments, Nikkei futures are showing a fall of over 300 ticks and other stocks are joining the falls.

It’s looking like the Nikkei is becoming the lead market at the moment and everyone else is following. The US put on a brave attempt to stay up yesterday but it wasn’t all that convincing.

Back to the currencies and EUR/CHF has come off 80 pips from the highs at 1.2546 to 1.2466. Bids are seen in the 1.2440/50 area.

USD/CHF has bounced from 0.9600 up to 0.9620 but with the dollar looking soft we could see another attempt at the big number

USD/JPY is still hanging in there but it feels like it’s holding on by it’s fingertips.

We’re at 101.39 but drifting towards the 101 level that held overnight. A break through will open the door to the 100 H4ma at 100.92 but I reckon that level will be no match for any stops through 101.