10-year Treasury yields now back up by over 3 bps to 1.34% today


That pares some of the drop in yields from yesterday but in the grand scheme of things, there just isn't anything significant in the back and forth motion in Treasuries over the past few weeks - despite more significant moves elsewhere in the market.

10-year yields are back up by a little over 3 bps to 1.34% but it isn't hinting at much as the range since July and August continues to hold.

Until a technical breakout takes place, there isn't anything particularly significant or meaningful to extrapolate from the fluctuations in the bond market - for the most part.

For now, it only serves as a general risk sentiment indicator while not providing any major leads as to the general market landscape when digesting the key developments as of late i.e. Fed taper expectations, COVID-19/global growth worries, inflation, and China.