The last two days have shown why it's important to know how to trade the news properly

Author: Ryan Littlestone | Category: News

Central bank events, economic indicators and talking heads are some of the components that make up "the news"

Trading the news and data isn't black and white. Just because a data point beats expectations doesn't always make it good news. A comment that gets ignored one day can be game changer for markets the next. Like the last two days, knowing when the news matters and when it doesn't can help your trading immensely. 

The news, and its impact on fundamentals, makes up a huge part of why a market moves, perhaps even the biggest part. That cannot simply be ignored. It's fine for technical traders to say they can ignore the news to focus on the charts but if the news is big enough, there's not a technical indicator in the world that will stop a price moving.

Deciphering the news is massive part of what we do at ForexLive everyday, and there's one man who knows how to get right to the bottom of every data point and comment.

Adam is the man with his finger on the news pulse and we've made what he knows an integral part of our ACT trading courses. Here he is explaining what he will teach on the next course.

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