The NZD is the strongest. The USD is the weakest.

As the North American day gets started, the NZD is the strongest, while the USD is the weakest. Pairs like the EURUSD, USDJPY USDCAD, AUD and NZDUSD are trading at USD low levels after Mnuchin's interview comments on CNBC. Tax reform will be a long process to implement and then to get impact. They have an aggressive plan but we will see. The initial move is for the USD to head lower. Bond yields area a little lower on the day by 0.5 bp (30 year) to 1.5 bps (2 year). US pre market stocks are up a bit. S&P futures are up about 3 points. The Dow futures are up about 30 points. Nasdaq futures are up 3.75 points.

The changes and ranges show the dollars move lower. Ranges are still limited but being extended as I type. The EURUSD and GBPUSD just extended to new session highs.

US initial claims are expected at 240K vs 239K last week (8:30 AM ET)

Chicago Fed Nat. Activity Index for Jan is est 0.0 vs 0.14 last.

Feds Lockhart speaks at 8:35 AM ET. Lockhart is retiring.

US HPI for the 4Q is due at 9:00 AM ET. It was last up 1.5%