The NZD is the strongest. The CHF is the weakest.

The strongest and weakest currencies as North American traders enter for the day has the NZD as the sstrongest while the CHF is the weakest. However, the changes are minimal. The USD is mixed gaining marginally against the JPY, CHF, and AUD, but down marginally against the EUR, GBP, and CAD. The greenback is down -0.30% vs the NZD. That is the largest mover.

The volatility is very light. with all currency pairs high to low trading ranges, well below their respective 22 day average trading ranges (about a month trading - see red lines in the chart below). Most of the currency pairs are also close to the unchanged (0) line in the upper chart below.

IN other markets today:

  • Spot gold is up $1.13 to 1252.19
  • WTI crude oil is unchanged at $51.46
  • US yields are unchanged
  • US pre-opening stocks are little changed with the S&P futues up 0.75 points. The Dow futures up 13 points. The Nasdaq futures are up a little more at +9.0 points.