April 14, 2016: The AUD is the strongest. The NZD is the weakest.

The snapshot of the strongest and weakest currencies as North American traders enter for the trading day shows that the AUD is the strongest while the NZD is the weakest.

The AUD was helped by stronger than expected employment data (26.1K vs 18K estimate and unemployment rate falling to 5.7% vs 5.9% est/5.8% last). That got the ball rolling in the positive direction and the AUDUSD erased the entire move lower yesterday before stalling (the high was also near the high from March 31 (high reached 0.7717 vs 0.77155 yesterday and 0.77225 on March 31)

Meanwhile, Australia's neighbor - New Zealand - is the weakest (AUDNZD raced higher). There was a report that the March interest rate decision was leaked.

The GBP is weak with most of the selling ahead of the no change policy decision. Expect the BOE to stay to the sidelines and not rock the boat too much ahead of the Brexit vote in June.

The USD is up a little and down a little vs the major pairs. Looking a the top chart below, the major pairs like EUR, JPY, CHF and CAD are not far from the close of yesterday (changes are small).

Employment claims and CPI are major releases in trading today.