Victoria is Australia's second most populous state and its capital is the new coronavirus epicentre in the country

  • 75 new cases (for the 24 hours)
  • 4th worst day since the beginning of the pandemic

If there is a bright point in the number its that only 6 new cases have been added to community transmission total.

Break up:

  • 37 routine testing
  • 23 under investigation
  • 14 linked to known outbreaks
  • 1 from hotel quarantine

How much longer before harsher restrictions are reintroduced? Not a positive for reopening of the economy in Australia. Victoria was the state that introduced the harshest lockdown and issued, by far, the most fines to people infringing social distancing laws. That worked for a while, new cases did get to zero around 3 weeks ago. But what now?

Like in the US masks are not compulsory. Seems like a no brainer to do that.


Worst day for Australia today since April 10.