This is via Bloomberg and is pretty much what the title says

Here's a guide to what to believe as talks progress and-more importantly-what not to.

Check it out at the link, but in brief the 10 myths:

1. Any Brexit Deal Must Include a U.K.-EU Trade Agreement

2. A Transition Period Is Inevitable

3. Interim Deals Will Be Binding

4. All EU Countries Must Approve the Final Brexit Deal

5. The U.K. Must Pay 60 Billion Euros for Talks to Advance

6. Nailing Down the Methodology Means We'll Know the Final Amount

7. The U.K. Must Make a Formal Proposal on the Exit Payment

8. There Are Chinks in the EU's Armor to Exploit

9. Failure to Make a Breakthrough by December Means Talks Collapse

10. The EU Will Delay Brexit to Allow Parliament to Vote on the Deal