Tight race continues to unfold

Tight race continues to unfold

The CDU/CSU dynasty in Germany is on thin ice as Merkel makes her exit. Her replacement Armin Laschet is trailing in projected results from ZDF.

Here's the tally as they see it:

  • CDU/CSU 24.2%
  • SPD 25.8%
  • Hard-right AFD 10.1%
  • Greens 14.7%
  • Left Party 5.0%
  • FDP 11.8%

SPD minister Hubertus Heil said "this is a spectacular success. This demonstrates citizens' faith in Olaf Scholz...The SPD is back, we are in our place again."

The CDU's Laschet said "we will do everything to form a conservative-led government, because Germany needs a future-oriented coalition that modernizes our country."