Time to add a new word to your vocabulary ... 'Grimbo'

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

Grimbo has just been added to Grexit and Grexident

We all know Grexit ... the nifty jargon for a Greek exit from the eurozone

And you may have heard the more recent Grexident ... an accidental exit for Greece due to all this dilly-dally

Well, now there's 'Grimbo'

I struggled with trying guess this one. I thought it might be a combination of 'Greek' (D'uh...) and 'bimbo', but couldn't see its relevance to the crisis...

Picture is unrelated

So, I gave up and read that ...

Citigroup has just added a new word to the crisis lexicon, warning that Greece could fall into financial limbo - a "Grimbo" - if Athens fails at securing more money from its international lenders and the reform negotiations remain deadlocked.

That's at this article, here. And, here's another little snippet from the article ... " in February 2012 ... Citigroup put a 50% probability that Greece would exit the eurozone within 18 months, and later raised the odds to a 90% risk by 2014." The latest probabilities are here.


We really need more of these words.

I'll get the ball rolling with Greekend. A weekend where I'll be eating souvlaki. Like this one coming.

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