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It's a brand new month but it sure doesn't feel like it since it is a Friday.

Trading sentiment today will likely be a continuation from what we have seen during the week and equities look to be in a shaky spot once again. That could be a prelude to further gains in the yen as Treasury yields are also cooling off over the past few sessions.

USD/JPY rejected at 112.00 is one to note and fall below 111.00 could set off some further gains in the yen towards the weekend. Keep an eye on CAD/JPY too as the pair is also seeing a rejection at the 100-day moving average and August highs this week.

A lot still depends on the mood in equities as we get to the weekend break, after having seen the sharp pullback yesterday following gains early on in Europe.

The mood today is looking rather dour so just be wary of more risk aversion plays as the week comes to an end before a "fresh" start next week - with the same old worries and key market themes though.

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