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The dollar could be sitting in a bit of a precarious state as we get to mid-week trading, with some key technical levels starting to be contested.

  1. EUR/USD looks to hold a break above its 25 February high @ 1.2243
  2. USD/CNH continues to track under 6.40 while USD/CNY has also fallen below that today despite the PBOC fix above that
  3. NZD/USD getting a boost above its 10 May high and hoping to keep above 0.7300

Those are some of the notable ones as we get things going on the week, with month-end also coming into focus. In any case, keep an eye on the yuan in case it starts to have more significant reverberations across the market moving forward.

Risk sentiment continues to hold up so that is some comfort to equities though month-end rebalancing may not be too impactful this time around since US indices are roughly near similar levels from the April close.

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