Traders are scrambling to start over after the SNB nightmare

Author: Adam Button | Category: News

Some very good traders were blown out by the SNB removal of the EUR/CHF peg. We came across one on eBay who is selling a symbolic 5 euro note as he tries to rebuild his accounts.

On the 15th of January my dreams were shattered. The Swiss National Bank removed a currency peg on the Euro. With that currency move I lost everything in my trading accounts.

I am now mourning the loss of all my dreams to support my family properly. The money in my trading accounts were my late Father’s legacy to me. The only money I now have left from him to improve and help my family is this 5 euro note that he left in his passport.

This 5 euro note is the point from which I am going to rebuild my dreams and my life from. I am starting from the pivotal points : the last of my father’s legacy, the Euro’s crash and the point of loss.

Purchase this note to buy back dreams

Tough to hear stories like this. He had been trading profitably since 2009 up to that point.

eBay currency trader

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