Your daily thread to exchange trading ideas and thoughts 3 Oct

Uncertain and sad times prevailing so what are your trading strategies?

Share your thoughts/positions here with the ForexLive community, and I wish you good trading as always.

I must confess I haven't felt like doing too much in the after math of yesterday's truly awful events in Las Vegas. Kept my GBPUSD shorts and this morning saw orders triggered to sell USDJPY near session/recent highs so fates have been kind.

Not so kind though to one of my great musical heroes, Tom Petty, who has sadly left this mortal coil after a cardiac arrest aged just 66. I have had the sheer joy of seeing Tom on a number of occasions both with the Heartbreakers and Travelling Wilburys since he first burst on the scene, and my life, in the 1970's.

This is the one that started it for me all those years ago. I still have the extended 12" vinyl as a prized treasure in my collection albeit somewhat worn out from the many, many repeat plays over and over again. Check out the rest of his catalogue if you're under 20 or been on Planet Tharg for 40 years.

RIP Tom and thanks for colouring the soundtrack of my life.