Daily thread to exchange ideas and to share your thoughts

Good day, everyone! Hope you're all doing well as we get into the European trading session. It's NFP day today, so expect some tepid trading ahead of that once we clear the busy early period of the morning.

The start of trading today has been an interesting one, as the focus is one the trade tariffs implemented by the US on China - which took effect just under two hours ago. And the market decided to respond by... turning risk-on.

Equities are rallying, and the aussie and kiwi are getting bid as a result, while bond yields are a tad bit higher. So, who says trade wars are bad? :D

Then again, let's wait and see how and when China will respond. In due time, the relief rally here may suffer a reality check.

What are your thoughts on the market right now? Are you buying into the risk-on story that is presenting itself? Can Uruguay beat France without Edinson Cavani? How will Brazil cope with Kevin De Bruyne and Belgium with Casemiro absent from the squad? Share your thoughts/ideas with the rest of the ForexLive community here.