The final countdown?

On Sunday, Speaker of the House Pelosi said that she would give it 48 hours for a deal to be complete. If not there will be no deal before the election. The 48 hours is up today. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Pelosi will speak today at 3 PM. Yesterday they met with Pelosi saying that there was a narrowing of issues. However that doesn't really say much about how close or how far they are apart. If history is a good predictor of the future, the meeting will not get the 2 sides any closer together, but you never know.

One issue is the Republican senators. Senate leader McConnell has consistently said that he didn't have the votes for a Democratic proposed deal. Instead, they are looking for something much more targeted and with less a price tag ($500 million compared to $2 trillion or more). Pres. Trump said today however that if there is an agreed deal between Mnuchin and Pelosi, that the Senators would get in line.

Time will tell but the meeting today is at 3 PM. Yesterday's meeting lasted around 50 minutes. If similar, the leaks from the meeting would be out before the stock market closes.

Currently the Dow is up 142 points or 0.5%. The S&P is up 16.3 points or 0.48%. The NASDAQ index is up 24.9 points or 0.22%. Those levels are well off the highs for the day.