Canadian elections are decided in Quebec and Ontario

Canadian elections are decided in Quebec and Ontario

More than half of Canadians live in Ontario and Quebec so they're the king-makers in the election results.

Polls closed 40 minutes ago in the majority of those provinces and we're starting to get results. The numbers are very thin but so far it looks much better for Trudeau's Liberals than it did earlier.

The current count shows the Liberals with a gain of 7 seats at the expense of the Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois. I wouldn't put much stock in those numbers and they will change rapidly in the next 30 minutes or so.

The CBC and CTV tallies has the Liberals leading in 125 ridings with 170 needed for a majority. They would need to hold all their other ridings which have yet to report and gain 4 more for a majority.

CAD is a bit stronger at the moment but it's only slightly stronger than AUD or NZD so this is more about a story of the risk trade than Canadian votes.