Can they tell him that he can't do a trade deal only with Italy

Italy's Conte is the latest European leader to come and visit with Pres. Trump at the White House.

In remarks Trump said:

  • Italy is taking a firm stance on the border and think it is a great thing
  • They are ordering a lots of planes
  • The US has a big deficit with Italy of $31B but we will straighten it out quickly.

Of course, Trump and the US can't specifically fix the trade deficit directly with Italy as they are part of the EU.

The EU representative Juncker visited with the US last week. Trump and Juncker announced that the EU would buy soybeans (along with other "agreements"). A day later, France's Macron, commented that he is not all that supportive of agricultural deals with the US. As a result, you wonder what really might happen/could realistically happen, at meetings between the two leaders today.

It is great Italy's Conte is making a trip, but you wonder apart from perhaps buying some planes (read pressure from NATO), what else can Conte/Trump really do?