Speaking on CNBC

  • strong dollar puts the US at a disadvantage
  • says Feds Powell is a very good man
  • Raising rates puts the US at a disadvantage vs others.
  • letting the Fed do what they feel is best
  • "I'm not thrilled becausse we go up and every time they go up, they want to raise rates again."
  • The Chinese Yuan is dropping like a rock

The President said that his comments are unusual saying:

"Now I'm just saying the same thing that I would have said as a private citizen,so somebody would say, 'Oh, maybe you shouldn't say that as president. I couldn't care less what they say, because my views haven't changed."

He adds:

"I don't like all of this work that we're putting into the economy and then I see rates going up,"

It is unusual for a Pres. to speak on the actions of the Fed, but it is not surprising from Pres. Trump.

The dollar has moved lower on his remarks.

You can read the article of the interview HERE. The full interview will not be published in its entirety until tomorrow.