Speaking in the White House.

Cutting the red-tape.

  • Cut 22 for every 10 added

Regulations tend to go from too lax, to too much. The pendulum swung during the Obama administration - largely as a result from concerns about the environment and the financial industry. In 2008, there were calls for stronger regulation - especially on the financial sector. That was the call for the day.

Trump has a different view on the ecology for sure (which impacts businesses, road building,etc), and the financial industry has healed from the wounds from the 2008, to allow less not more - especially for smaller banks.

Less regulation is a definite plus for business - especially small businesses now. Will it be better in the long run? Less regulation can also mean abuses. Just think about the lending environment in pre-2008 period. That chapter will be written over time.

The goal in regulation is to slow the pendulum so it does not swing too far in either direction.