The UK Cabinet meet on Friday and responses to the yet to be presented 'third way' from PM May are already harsh

This what I've seen already:

  • Brexit Minister David Davis says it'll be 'unworkable'
  • European Commission are more forthright: 'laughable'
  • A senior official reportedly called it 'the bullshit king of cake and eat it'

Looks like May has a hard task ahead. As always though.

There are also concerns over whether the Northern Irish DUP (A key support for May's government) will find it acceptable

And, don't forget to add in the usual Conservative Brexiteers who might be revolting. Against May's leadership that is (in this context). They've got the numbers to call for a leadership contest, if the spineless wonders have got the guts that is.


Stay tuned during the UK Friday for some Brexit scuttlebutt and GBP wobbles.