The UK Independence Party (UKIP), with a strong anti-EU and anti-immigration policy, has had a good return in yesterday’s local elections with the MEP votes still being counted and being declared on Sunday.

Local council results in so far show UKIP making a significant imprint gaining 92 seats mainly at the expense of the ruling Conservative and Liberal Democrats, although it does not actually control any local authorities as yet.

Leader Nigel Farage says that his party is now a “serious player” in next year’s General Election with the chance of sending someone to parliament for the first time, adding:

The UKIP fox is in the Westminster hen house

The turnout was only 35%, nothing new in these elections which usually produce a feeling of great apathy, but we’re seeing a sea-change nonetheless with the UK arguably now a legitimate four-party political landscape

As the EU yes/no referendum becomes an ever larger political, economic and social hot potato these results are not to be underestimated especially as many of the UKIP gains are coming in some key Conservative constituences

A protest vote it may be but, as I’ve said here a few times recently, be careful what you wish for

Have a great week-end everyone and thanks, as always, for your great support