Planned sales of government bonds see an increase of £14 billion

UK gilts

That will bring the total to £136.8 billion, which is £22.7 billion more than what the Debt Management Office forecast before the financial year 2019/20 started.

It could also be suggestive of the government planning an expansionary budget with finance minister Sajid Javid once again reaffirming the new fiscal rules which will allow more borrowing for infrastructure - budget date set for 11 March.

Some analysts are pointing towards this as being the reason for the pound gain earlier today but if so, this is hardly a solid reason to be buying up the currency.

Any infrastructure plans or fiscal improvement requires a lot of time to materialise so it is tough to really make do with that reasoning for near-term gains. But what will be will be.

Cable is still struggling to keep a break above 1.3200 as price now settles around 1.3180-90.