UK leader to host virtual meeting

The UKs PM Boris Johnson intends to hold a virtual meeting of G7 leaders to discuss the conditions in Afghanistan.

He told France's president Macron on his intentions and the two leaders agreed that both Britain and France should work together at the United Nations Security Council, including on a possible joint resolution.

Thousands of civilians have fled to the airport in a desperate effort to leave the country with many chasing down a US military plane as it taxied on the airports tarmac.

UK leader to host virtual meeting

The British foreign secretary Raab told reporters that the government could impose sanctions and withhold aid on Afghanistan if needed depending on the conduct of the Taliban.

The US committed $88 billion in training the Afghan government and defense forces (over the last 20 years) to fight the Taliban while the US withdrew forces. That idea failed unequivocally over the course of a few days as the Taliban stormed provinces and eventually the capital city of Kabul without much of a fight.

Pres. Biden is to make remarks on Afghanistan at 3:45 PM ET.