Comments by UK's Brexit minister David Davis

  • If parliament rejects deal, negotiation will fall
  • Doesn't expect legal text on future relationship
  • Expects political declaration on future relationship, will not be in draft/legal text/treaty
  • Don't intend for trade talks to extend into transition phase
  • Talks on trade are given a time between October 2018 to March 2019
  • Agreement on Ireland not needed until October
  • Best way to avoid Irish border is with a good trade deal
  • EU has taken an open position on how to resolve the customs union issue

Davis is speaking in parliament at the moment. You can watch him here.

He says that the document on the future relationship will be politically binding, but not necessarily legally binding. Ouchie. That's not going to go down too well I presume.

Regarding Ireland, I guess that's another can that has been kicked down the road.