• Assures republicans that that he will work with them on any measure to increase debt limit
  • Government shutdown is not a game and he demands talks with Obama
  • Republican Cantor says house to vote Saturday for federal employees to receive pay
  • Asks democrats to appoint conferees to keep government open.

Boehner is getting very heated, especially over news articles blaming gamesmanship in the tug of war over differences.

  • Does not believe US should default, says spending changes needed for debt ceiling hike

By the looks of things we are going to get some action over the weekend. At the moment that just looks like discussions on the shutdown and alleviating some of the effects, rather than a full solution. At the moment, and going by Boehners reaction in front of the cameras, it seems things are starting to get stressful on the republican side.

Update: White house says Obama would veto series of republican spending bills, says approach is not a serious or responsible way to run government.