Record case count in the US for the weekend totaled 86,206.

The US case count search to 86,206 36,335 from 49,871 yesterday. That is a record case count in the US. (the case count seems to have been misreported. Sorry).

The number of deaths rose by 295 vs. 853 previously.

France had a mirror opposite set of statistics today:

  • case count fell to 4070 from 11,123, but
  • Deaths rose to 81 from 27 previously

My personal weekend observations from Arizona where the summer heat is starting to crack, is that there were more people at dining establishments. One particular place in a strip mall had what seemed to be a Trump rally with little in the way of social distancing inside and outside. Not a mask to be found as well.

How was your neighborhood?

PS... I see the error in the numbers I initially heard. If you add the 27th and 28th for the weekend you get 86,206 (49,871 for 27th + 36335 for 28th = 86206 total for the weekend).