US DATA: Initial jobless claims -25k to 370k in Dec 1 wk, lower than the
375k expected and following a slight upward revision to the previous wk.
The Labor Dept. analyst said that only Oklahoma failed to report due to
computer problems and Labor estimated claims for that state. Otherwise,
there was nothing unusual. Seasonal factors expected a 48.3% jump in
unadjusted claims in the week that usually produces the largest
increase of the year. Instead, unadjusted claims rose 38.9%, or 139,678,
to 498,619. 4-wk moving avg +2,250 to 408,000 in Dec. 1 wk, high since
the October 1, 2011 wk. Cont claims -100k to 3.205 mln in Nov 24 wk.