US DATA: July TICS data showed overall net of foreign acquisitions of
s-t, l-t securities and banking flows was a monthly net inflow of $73.7
bn, made up of private inflows of $59.0 bn and foreign official inflows
of $14.7 bn.
Foreign residents bought $60.2 bn of l-t US securities while US
residents were net sellers of $6.8 bn foreign securities.
Net foreign purchases of l-t securities was $67.0bn.
Notable Tsy flows by country show China +$2.6 bn, Switzerland +$18.3
bn(intv’n flows?), Japan +$7.0 bn, OPEC -$5.9 bn, Brazil +$8.7 bn, Carib
+$2.0 bn, UK +$3.1 bn, Sing +$5.8 bn, France +$15.7 bn.