US DATA: Redbook for Jul 9 wk: “Retailers said the week was a good
opening to the month, leaving them ahead of plan by the end of the first
week. The week was supported by the July 4th holiday weekend, which left
its imprint in sales of apparel, food and outdoor equipment including
lawn furniture and barbecue grills. The holiday was one day later than
last year, which pushed related sales into the subsequent fiscal week
and prolonged buying, according to some retailers. Meanwhile, the focus
in July, as in the latter part of June, is on clearing seasonal

Year-over-year: Week (w/e 07/09/11 vs year-ago) 5.4%
Year-over-year: Month (July 2011 vs July 2010) 5.4%
Month-over-month: (July 2011 vs June 2011) 0.6%