US DATA: Redbook sales for wk Jul 16: “Sales pulled back in the
latest week. July is typically a trend-less, transitional and clearance
oriented month. Intra-month volatility should persist as companies
pursue their individual promotional calendars. Heat waves across most
parts of the country caused stores to report reasonable turnover in
demand for remaining inventories of hot weather items including apparel,
fans, air conditioners and water goods. Some retailers, meanwhile
suggest moderate interest in children’s apparel was evidence of early
back-to-school buying.”

Year-over-year: Week (w/e 07/16/11 vs year-ago) 3.8%
Year-over-year: Month (July 2011 vs July 2010) 4.6%
Month-over-month: (July 2011 vs June 2011) -0.2%