US DATA: Sept trade bal -$43.1b, much better than the -$46b
expected, and will add to Q3 GDP growth, offsetting a cut from
inventories. Imports +$0.7b and exports +$2.5b (+$1.6b of exports was
nonmonetary gold but consumer goods also gained). Import gain was in
metals and nuclear fuel; energy dipped as avg crude price -$1.60 to
$101.02 in its 4th monthly decline. NSA trade gap by country: China
-$28b vs -$29b in Aug, Japan -$5.2b vs -$6.7b, OPEC -$10.4b vs -$13.3b.
Hong Kong posted its highest on record +$4.3b vs +$2.4b as exports to HK
surged to a new high.