US House committee releases report on market power abuse by tech giants

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple. The usual suspects. 

US House Antitrust subcommittee
  • releases 449 page report detailing market power abuse by those 4 above
  • panel's report says Amazon has monopoly over third-party sellers and has engaged in extensive anti-competitive conduct in its treatment of such sellers
  • says Amazon's dual role as a marketplace operator and also a seller on the marketplace creates an "inherent conflict of interest"
  • Congressional staff recommended that Congress consider a law that prohibits companies from operating the markets in which it competes
  •  says Facebook has monopoly power in social networking and it has maintained dominance by identifying rivals and then copying, acquiring or killing them
  • panel report says Facebook acquired Whatsapp, Instagram and Onavo to entrench its dominance
  •  says Facebook now considers competition within its own products to be more considerable than competition from outside firms

  • says Amazon's control and reach across many businesses allows it to self-preference and undermine competitors
  • Says Amazon appropriates third-party seller's data and steals ideas to benefit amazon's retail business
  • says Apple exerts monopoly power over software distribution to more than half the mobile devices in the united states
  • says Apple uses its dominant position to exploit and exclude rivals and preference its own apps and services
  • says Apple has entrenched dominance in the mobile operating system market and the app store

Yesterday we got the news that:

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